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Occupational therapists assist children to participate in their lives to their fullest potential. For most children this includes play, fine and gross motor development, visual motor and self-care tasks such as dressing, grooming, and organising self and belongings. To participate in these daily tasks, children require concentration so they can learn and complete an activity; motor coordination and perception skills to control precise body movements, remain clam and focused.

Many children in early preschool and primary school may experience difficulties with sensory processing impacting there attention and concentration in the classroom, fine motor skill development affecting drawing, writing and hand skills essential for primary school and early learning, gross motor development limiting on play in the play ground, coordination, motor planning, strength and endurance and self care skills such as using the toilet, dressing, grooming and getting organised.

Occupational therapists can assist childhood development using play and activities in a fun environment to build on skills essential for development enhancing their independence, self-esteem and sense of accomplishment in their homes, schools and community settings.

Occupational Therapy can help with

    • Processing sensory information (touch, taste, smell, sound, movement detection)
    • Attention, concentration and maintaining arousal levels
    • Handwriting, pencil grip and control
    • Hand skills (drawing, lacing and manipulating objects)
    • Motor planning
    • Gross motor strength, endurance and coordination
    • Visual motor and perceptual skills
    • Self-care (grooming, dressing, toileting and orgnaisation skills)