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Certified Practising Member of Speech Pathology Australia
BA, BSpPath

Kiara is a speech pathologist who loves working with children from early childhood through to adolescence. She believes that every child deserves the chance to be able to communicate their basic wants and needs, assert their autonomy, and develop the social and communication skills to fully integrate into their community. She tries to make every session fun and engaging and can be flexible based on the child’s interests and behaviours.

Her client centered approach allows her to collaborate with parents to achieve the best outcomes possible. Kiara believes that partnering with parents and teachers in education and communication training helps create a continuity between therapy in the clinic, and application in the real world.  

Kiara provides assessment and tailored therapy for children with a range of needs including children with more complex presentations such as; Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD and Intellectual disability, as well as children with other communication and behavioral needs. 

She has also worked with children with language delay, speech sound disorders, literacy, fluency, delayed play skills, and social communication concerns. Kiara enjoys working with clients from different cultural backgrounds and understands the cultural importance of children learning languages other than English.

Areas of work:

Articulation concerns
Autism spectrum disorder
Complex communication needs
Feeding concerns
Intellectual disability
Language delay
Learning difficulties
School readiness
Social skills. 

Kiara Zoltan