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Registered Psychologist
BA (Psychology/Statistics), GradDipAppPsych

Jo is experienced in working with children, adolescents and families who have a diverse and complex array of needs.  She has spent many years working within Early Intervention and paediatrics services, with extensive experience in supporting individuals and their families with Autism Spectrum Disorder, developmental delays, intellectual disabilities, behavioural problems and associated difficulties including anxiety, and social-emotional challenges.

Prior to working within Paediatric Psychology, Jo worked in a number of roles, including supporting Indigenous and International Students, their families/communities and host families in a Secondary School.  She has also worked as an Organisational Psychologist with a large multinational company, in Training/Development and Human Resource Management.

Jo is passionate about supporting others to develop their own sense of self, follow their interests, and advocate for their needs.  She enjoys working in collaborative partnerships with clients, their families and other key stakeholders (including treating Paediatricians, GP’s, Psychiatrists, and education professionals), to support client well-being and development.  A focus for Jo is to connect with client strengths and interests to assist the development of new skills, in a positive, creative, play-based setting, all aimed to increase capacity, improve mental health and to achieve client goals.

Jo has presented at conferences across a variety of sectors, including Child Care and Nursing. She regularly conducts seminars/workshops for parents and professionals to build awareness, understanding and support of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder within the wider community.

Jo provides counselling and therapy for children, adolescents and parents, using a range of evidenced based interventions, in both individual and group programs, to assist clients to succeed socially, emotionally and behaviourally.  She has extensive experience in conducting a range of assessments including Formal Diagnostic, Cognitive, Developmental, Mental Health and Adaptive Assessments.  Jo uses these tools to help determine an understanding of individual needs, strengths and difficulties, to support diagnostic decisions, and enable informed suitable evidenced based-interventions and supports.

Areas of work: 

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Developmental/Intellectual Disabilities
Supporting Skills in Daily Living
Early Childhood Intervention
Behavioural Difficulties across age span and settings
Assessments including Autism Diagnostics and School Funding
Anxiety, Depression, Self Esteem
Social Skills, Friendship Difficulties


Jo Crosbie