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BSc, PostgradDipPsych, MTeach, MPsych(Ed & Dev), MAPS

Hannah is an experienced psychologist who recognises the importance of understanding the role family members and teachers play in the development of a young person, and how to partner with them to facilitate growth.

Hannah has many years’ experience conducting assessments and evidence-based interventions for common mental health and learning difficulties. Her background includes specialised experience in cognitive and educational assessments, as well as in a range of assessments for developmental and emotional/behavioural difficulties. She is experienced in running evidence-based interventions for difficulties such as anxiety, depression, anger, behavioural issues and for young people diagnosed with Autism.

Hannah is passionate about capacity building, through psychoeducation and parenting support, to help children and their families develop greater independence and confidence with managing their child’s social-emotional/learning and developmental difficulties. She has a particular professional interest in the management of anxiety.

Hannah Chu