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This page features information for parents and caregivers, and visual resources such as stories that can be useful for children with additional needs and for typically developing children too. All resources are free to download and will be updated regularly.

Social scripts are a useful resource for helping children understand social situations and learn appropriate behaviour in a variety of settings. When used in conjunction with positive behaviour management and practice/experience, they can assist children to develop skills in play and social situations, reduce anxiety about new experiences, and help children identify and regulate their emotions and change challenging behaviour.

Stories are available in 3 different formats – PDF and Powerpoint (PPT)– and cover a variety of social and behavioural topics and age groups.

PDF files are printable as double sided documents and Powerpoint files can be printed or watched as a slideshow on your computer.

NB: The resources on this page are not designed to replace specific advice from a qualified professional. For severe behaviour difficulties, please see a specialist for individualised strategies and support.

For Preschoolers

PDF | PPT “Going to the hairdressers”

PDF | PPT “Holding hands with Mum”

PDF | PPT “I can take my medicine (preschool)”

PDF | PPT “I can wear my glasses”

PDF | PPT “Sometimes I can’t do the things I want”

PDF | PPT “Sometimes I feel angry”

PDF | PPT “Sometimes I feel upset”

PDF | PPT “When I am away from Mum”

PDF | PPT “What to do to get attention”

PDF | PPT “When Mum is busy”

For Primary Students

PDF | PPT “Giving my friends some space”

PDF | PPT “I can wear my school uniform”

PDF | PPT “My body is private (girl)”

PDF | PPT “My body is private (boy)”

PDF | PPT “Playing with my friends”

PDF | PPT “Sometimes things don’t go the way I want”

PDF | PPT “I can take my medicine (primary school)”

PDF | PPT “Talking in front of the class”

PDF | PPT “What to do to get attention”

PDF | PPT “When Mum is busy”

PDF | PPT “Asking my friends to play”

PDF | PPT “Going to a birthday party with school friends”

PDF | PPT “Sometimes I feel upset”

PDF | PPT “Sometimes I make mistakes”

PDF | PPT “When I hurt myself”