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Certified Practising Member of Speech Pathology Australia
BA, MSpPath

Eliza is an experienced Speech Pathologist who is passionate about working with children. She enjoys making her sessions engaging and fun to ensure her clients are motivated and able to learn new skills in their own way. Eliza often dives into her creative skills and flexibility to let the child lead the way in furthering their communication development.

Eliza has previous experience in working with children of different ages (from 1-17). She has worked with children in early childhood intervention settings (particularly with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder), and in preschool aged and school aged settings (including speech sound disorders, fluency, language disorders, literacy and social communication). She also has previous experience working in kinder settings and at schools. Eliza has facilitated social skills groups with other allied health professionals, particularly targeted for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her areas of interest include speech, language, social skills, play, literacy and school readiness skills.

As well as English, Eliza speaks fluent Tagalog and enjoys meeting clients from different cultural backgrounds.

Eliza is also a volunteer at the Starlight Express Room in the Royal Children’s Hospital and is a strong advocate for donating blood.

Areas of work

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Articulation disorder (unclear speech)
Auditory processing difficulties
Complex communication needs
Developmental delays
Language disorder/delay – receptive language and expressive language difficulties
Literacy difficulties
Paediatric feeding difficulties
Social communication
Social skills group

Eliza Eugenio