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Practice Manager
BSc(Hons), MBioeth

Andrew is the owner of the practice along with his wife Raelene Dundon who is the principal psychologist.

Andrew began his career as a medical researcher in the field of reproductive immunology and bone marrow transplantation. He published his Honours research in the US journal “Biology of Reproduction”. He then pursued a Masters degree in Bioethics at Monash University which covered key aspects of medical ethics such as patient confidentiality, privacy, informed consent and autonomy. His Masters thesis examined the question “Should parents alter the genes of their children?

Over the past 25 years, Andrew has been involved in a variety of businesses and brings his business operations experience to Okey Dokey where his role as Practice Manager is to ensure the practice is financially sustainable, complies with state and federal regulations, and provides a high quality of service to clients and their families.

Andrew Tompkins